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    Novice Actionscript Question

      I am designing a Flash slide presentation. On some of my slides, I have animations that run. As I only wish for the animation to run once when the slide is viewed, I have used the actionscript function stop(); to prevent looping of the animation. However, I would like the animation to replay if someone returned to the slide (using a previous button in the slide show). Could anyone offer me assistance in understanding how to do this in Actionscript? I am sure it is super simple, but I am a novice.

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          kglad Adobe Community Professional & MVP
          if the stop() is on the last frame of your animation, it will play once and stop. but it will do that every time the frame that contains your animation is entered.
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            kcSTL Level 1
            The stop action is on the last frame of the animation on the slide. However, when I hit the previous slide button to return to the slide after having gone forward, the slide is shown but the animation does not replay when one returns to the slide.

            Does that make sense? I would like the animation on that slide to replay as if it were the first time the slide has been viewed.