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    About integration of MP3 file and automatically change of page after animation

    Problème de chargeme

      Good morning,


      1- About the integration of sound in an Flash animation:


      When I do the following steps:


      - File/Import/Import in the library

      - Choice of MP3 file

      - Open it


      I obtained always the same message: "One or more files doesn't import because they doesn't be read correctly!"


      Some people propose me to use the freeware "Free MP3 WMA Converter" to correctly re-encode the MP3 file, but how use this freeware?


      2- Obtain a new HTML page after the end of Flash Animation:


      How make this operation; in Flash himself or to add a special code (GetURL) in the initial page to get the destination page but what's the exact code based of this GetURL?


      Thanks a lot for your help.