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    Downloaded book as anonymous, now can't read via my account:




      I downloaded some books via the public library with Digital Editions signed in as anonymous. Then realized I needed to sign in with my Adobe ID and I did so.

      Since Digital Editions wouldn't let me return it or load on my Nook, I removed them from my library.

      I would like to know how I can begin reading these books. Is there something I can do to reverse this. Also, I tried loging out and back in as anonymous and that didn't work. I guess each anounymous login is different.

      So, no mater what I do I can't read the books or return them. Could someone please tell me how to resolve this? Thanks in advance!!!



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          sjpt Level 4

          The only way I can think of is to wait till the books expire, and then borrow them again.

          (If the library has extra copies and you have extra free loans, you may be ableto borrow them again at once).


          The anonymous id is a complete stupidity; it does have minor benefits for people who want to get up and running very quickly, but the dis-benefits and confusions far outweigh the benefits.

          ADE does give warnings about it, but they are not nearly strong enough for people to appreciate the implications.