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    coldfusion.sql.DataSourcePermission Error




        I have been programming in CF for 10 years.  I set up my umteenth database (copied an exsiting one) and connected the datasource.  I received this error: coldfusion.sql.DataSourcePermission right off the bat.


        All permissions are IDENTICAL to ones running to other data sources and this datasource is connected and verfied in the CF admin.  I'm frustrated because there is virtually nothing on the web (apparently nobody likes this language) and there is no apparent reason for this. 


        I'm running Win 2008R2 64 bit on a Rackspace cloud server.  I have 4 datasources that work.  I don't see any connection limits in SQL Mgr....Running CF 9.0.0





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          David Belanger Level 1



          I now see that this is a very old post!  Did you ever get a solution to this?


          I'm having the same problem lately.  I've tried recreating the DataSource connections but that doesn't seem to help.  All login information has been checked twice and I can make changes with other DB workbenches.


          To add to this note, I am now sure this is a ColdFusion 10 related problem as I can't even make changes to the very simple Apache Derby database that is used in Ben Forta's CFWACK book series...  I also get the coldfusion.sql.DataSourcePermission error.


          I'm running CFBuilder 2.0.1/CF Server 10 on Windows 8 64bit Pro.




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            tribule Level 2

            Did you check sandbox security in CF Admin? Sometimes that can throw a spanner in the works.

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              David Belanger Level 1

              I wasn't using sandbox security but that was a good suggestion as I hadn't checked that!


              In the end, I reinstalled CF Server again by downloading CF10 from Adobe's site along with the Mandatory update (you'd figure that would be on the public download now but it isn't!).


              I then updated to "update level" 13 (yep, got that terminology from the settings summary page) and we're back in business.


              I'm guessing this may have been a problem with one of the security updates.