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    keyboard shortcuts to userscripts - chaos

    Stephan Moebius Level 1



      all you scripters must be having the same problem - everytime you flush your indesign preferences (perhaps to fix a broken palette) - basically everytime indesign re-assigns new action-IDs to the scripts then your keyboard shortcuts are shuffled into chaos. This  also keeps me from synching the keyboard-preferences on different workplaces, because on different installations indesign will assign other action-IDs to my scripts, so i cannot reuse my keyboard shortcuts.indk file on different computers. (By the way synching the other preferences, color managment and workspaces works great with dropbox and "folder-synch". It's just the shortcuts that i have to set again and again)


      How do you scripters cope with this problem? Or can we find a solution?


      I am having this problem since Indesign CS4. From windows-XP to Win7. But i don't think this is relevant. It's because indesign doesn't assign the shortcuts to the scripts by filename but by those volatile action-IDs.


      with kind regards,

      Stephan Möbius