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    INDESIGN CS6 : wrong spot to process conversion using L*A*B system

    villiR Level 1

      The separation process of spot colors (PMS) using the L*A*B values is completely out of range with my ripping system (polkadots). Previously with CS5 and the CMYK process, PMS 300 was broke with C100 M56 Y00 K00 values.

      In the new CS6, the same Pantone is broken with C100 M65 Y28 K00 values, which is completely out of the range. I encountered the same error on a very big job, which cost me 1 ton of paper…

      I tried to force the CMYK separation in the INK MANAGER menu, but it doesn't work properly.


      Is there another way to fix it ? Is there any chance to go back and use a good, reliable, CMYK separation system with CS6 ?