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    Good WebHelp Examples

      I am looking for some good examples of webhelp used for online applications. We are planning to develop our system using RH and would like to see what the potential is with this tool.

      Right now, the webhelp that we have (developed using RH5) looks very outdated and we would like to modernize our system. Neither of us know asp and are hoping that RH7 would allow some flexibility in the design.

      If anyone has anything to contribute, we would really appreciate it. Thanks!!
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          Wow, That's a tall order!

          There's really no major differences in RH's "potential ." That is, everything that you could see in TrueCode will now be XML instead of HTML, in addition to using a CSS file for additional formatting.

          The major improvements, as I read on their web site, is in "process" improvements (MDIs, snippets, variables, improved source control, etc.). What your WebHelp will look like will be a combination of your skills in HTML, CSS, and maybe a little JavaScript.

          You'd do well to perform some internal research (user preferences, company colors and fonts, etc.). Check out Rick Stone's web site and Peter Grainge's web site for tons of neat tricks and best practices.

          Come back when you need help with more specific subjects.

          Good luck,