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    Difficulty with Licensing Android apps developed with Flash CS6


      Hi, I'm heading down many a blind alley with this one. I have developed an Android app using Flash CS6 and it is ready to be published on Google Play. However, as it is a paid app, it is strongly advised to license it to protect it.


      There is a bit of documentation on how to do this with Flash Builder, but I need to be able to do it with Flash. The following link provides some info, though it is far too confusing for me to follow.




      The Android developer page has info about it here, but it keeps refering to the Manifest file.



      I've seen a few other threads on here touching on this subject, but I have not had any luck with them. There's lots of references to Air Native Extensions that handle licensing but I don't understand them.


      I'm quite surprised that there is no support from Adobe on such a fundamental stage of the app production. Basically, anyone developing Android apps using the otherwise fantastic Flash CS6 will have trouble protecting their apps with licenses once published, meaning that anyone can just grab the .apk file and redistribute it anywhere.