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    PSE 11 de-interlace


      How can you de-interlace a photo from video in PSE11 it was always possible in all versions until now (tried copying pluggin from PSE 10 but did not work)

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

          I don't know why adobe decided to remove so many long time and useful features from pse 11.


          What operating system are you using?


          What happened when you tried to use the copied plugin from pse 10 in pse 11?


          Did you copy the plugin to the Plug-Ins folder in the pse 11 editor folder?

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            Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

            I forgot to add if your on a windows system you might try the Smart De-Interlacer plugin from here

            (it's free and toward the bottom of the page)



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              odigipro Level 1

              First off thank you for replying.

              I am using Windows 8 Pro 32bit.

              I concur with your adobe comment, I am in fact wondering why I updated.

              I copied the file "de-interlace EL.8bf" into the "plug-ins folder" which is, by the way empty, also tried "Required\Plug-Ins\Filters" which is where I see they are now

              The error I got on both ocassions was "The proceedure entry point HandleWindowFont could not be located in thr DLL" PSE 11 opened but no filter was found in any menu.

              I have downloaded and tried the Smart de-interlacer as you suggested thanks and it works for me, thanks.