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    Displaying multiple PDF's on screen

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      I can create a single PDF. But when I try to combine multipe PDF creations, getting a 500 message.

      The code below was being used to try display multiple PDF's on the screen:


      <cfinclude template="module1pdf.cfm"> (the result is information in PDF)

      <cfinclude template="module2pdf.cfm"> (the result is information in PDF)

      Only the information from module1pdf.cfm would be displayed.

      Per my research, I found the cfpdf.


      Below is the cfpdf function:


      action="merge" source="module1pdf.cfm,module2pdf.cfm" destination="3.pdf" package="yes"

      CenterWindowOnScreen overwrite="yes">

      When the cfpdf is executed, receiving a 500 message.

      Is the a way of displaying the creating of PDF's on the screen at the same time?

      Note: Using Cold Fusion 9