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    Find and Replace Language

    HSGROW_HK Level 1

      Hi, I am rather stuck...


      I am writing a document in English: UK, however, I have noticed that some spelling erros are occuring becuase for some reason ID is recognising text in an array of languages. The main culprit is English: USA. Using the find/replace function I have replaced English: USA with English: UK (see screenshot)


      ENGUSA to ENGUK.png


      What I am trying to work out is there a way of searching for all languages that are not English: UK and replacing them with English: UK? Would this be possible with GREP, or some other command?

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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          If you are looking for any language that is not English: UK and cahnging to English: UK, that's really the same thing as simply finding ALL text and changing the language to English: UK.


          Curiously, this seems to work better in plain text than in GREP in plain text, ^? matches everything, including breaks, while in GREP the .+ does not match the paragraph or line breaks (and may not match a few other things as well). I don't think that's much of an issue for spelling, but it seems untidy.


          So you could do a plain text search for ^? and set the change formatting to English: UK and change all, and the whole document would be reassigned, including any text that has a language assigned through a character style (You wanted some Chinese, I think), so you might not really want to do this. It's also not guaranteed, as far as I know, to solve your spelling problems. I've run across alternate spellings that were acceptable in several languages, as far as spell check is concerned, that users felt should have been flagged.