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    premiere cs6 slowed significantly after creating a non-admin user on win7



      ok so here is my problem

      i have a computer on work operating win7 x64 sp1 and i installed cs6 master collection on it and it was working fine. recently and in order to avoid unwanted installed programs on the machine "namly games" we created a normal user account without any admin privilage. what i noticed later while cpu usage itself was at less than 10% on the meter the program itself "premiere pro cs6) suffered greatly, several crashes, sudden error messages that was resolved by simply restarting the program, the rendering and exporting time slowed dramatically either

      my question is this....although i am 50% sure that the user account has nothing to do with this bizzare behavior is it possible that the normal non-admin account on the win7 IS the culprit?..or the reason is something else entirely?


      thank you all in advance

      P.S. (the computer specs are cpu:i7 extreme with 16 gb of RAM, and an intel SSD HDD also my graphic card is geforce GTX 680)

      also i tried the software on other computers and i noticed only the locked users suffers somewhat the same problem while my own pc which is a full admin user pc fared extremely well........which baffled me more since user account shouldnt effect the programs at all.......right?