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    Adding Pinterest widgets to DW CS6

    Woodle Doodle

      Hi - I'm a novice and I'm pretty sure I'm doing something very wrong. I'm trying to insert a Pinterest widget into a Dreamweaver CS6 page but it just doesn't seem to be happening - there's just no sign of the widget when I look at the page in any viewing mode or when I preview it in my browser (Safari).


      I'm generating the code using the Pinterest widget builder http://business.pinterest.com/widget-builder/#do_embed_board . The page is based on a DW template I've created, and want the widget to display in an editable region. So, I've been inserting the link code generated by the widget builder into the editable region, and placing the Java code generated just above the closing body tag as advised.


      But no joy. I've spent hours trying to work out what the issue is and I'm at my wits end. Can anyone help a useless novice? All thoughts / ideas welcome.