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    I have downloaded flash player many time will not complete download.

    Jeanna C

      I have tried to download many, many, times to download the latest version of your flash player!!!  I have called geek squad to help me fix the problem.  It still has not been resolved.  I have visited you trouble shooting sites and followed all steps explained and still will not complete download.  I have deleted all flash on my computer and tried to down load and it starts to go through the steps and completes the download but does not complete instillation.  When I try to play a game it tells me that I have to download the new version.  I am getting very frustrated!!!!  When I look in my programs the icon is not complete, and when I uninstall the program it says that there was an error in the installation and download not complete.  PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!!

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          My problem is a little different. 


          Yesterday, I received a notice to download an update to flash player.  I did so, but it was just as Microsoft Word started up.  The installation took forever and eventually I received a message to the effect the installation was incomplete.


          I also discovered a new user account had been created on my computer.  Its name is 'bimvhcba'. Inside the account is a Windows-free zone -- basically a black screen.  I deleted the account through control panel and rebooted.  I do not seem to be able to rid my computer of this account.


          My computer is a laptop running Windows Vista with Chrome as the default browser.  Through this site, I checked to see what version of Flash Player was running on my computer.  It is the most recent one.


          I have run comprehensive virusscans and spyware scans.  No malware turns up.


          I'm baffled. Any suggestions you have would be welcome.


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