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    Error on export

    Netcommercial Level 1

      Hello thanks for looking in. I am attempting to export a flash file I had made via After Effects.flv264 then imported into Flash Pro. When importing these were my choices.

      flash import opt1.PNG


      The other option:

      flash import opt2.PNG


      The FLV works on the stage via preview in Browser or Flash


      Yet upon export, via Windows>OtherPanels>ToolkitJS

      I only get a white box like this launched in my Browser. Upon closing that Browser going back to my Open Flash stage where this was exported from there is this error code at the bottom of my stage area:


      Export error

      Frame numbers in EaselJS start at 0 instead of 1. For example, this affects gotoAndStop and gotoAndPlay calls.


      wht box.PNG

      Can this be overcome with what I am trying to do? IF so how?

      Thanks again