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    XML data doesn't load properly sometimes

      I'm working on a kiosk and the problem I have is that the XML file with all my data will sometimes not load properly and I'll either get partial data or none at all, like I'll get a list of names, but the links that go with them do not work. But if I reload that swf in the movie, it plays just fine. What is causing this XML voodoo? Is it not getting enough time to load? It doesn't do it all the time. It seems to do it mostly when the kiosk has been running for a while. I haven't really pinpointed when/why it does it. Seems random. I have an alphabetical list of links. When someone chooses the "A", for example, it will go to the frame in the swf that loads the "A" data into a list of 7 links. Here is the code for the "A" data (B-Z frames use similar code):