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    Dreamweaver CS6 PHP Strange Happenings?


      I have a PHP script for forms  which has been happily working in both CS4 and CS6 for some time. Since  the last update for Dreamweaver the script no longer works and I get an  HTML page displaying the PHP code.

      There have been absolutely no changes to the script/HTML and it still works perfectly in CS4 (using the identical folder and contents).


      I'm quite willing to accept I've done something stupid elsewhere in CS6 although I don't remember changing anything.


      Any clues to a solution would be most gratefully received!!


      Thanks in advance,


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          Nancy OShea Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          PHP was quite possibly corrupted on upload.  If the line breaks are missing, the script will fail.


          Which line break type do you have set in Preferences > Code Format?

          Which OS do you use?

          Are you on Windows or Linux server?




          Nancy O.

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            palomap Level 1

            Thanks Nancy,


            I'm definitely having a 'should have just stayed in bed' day.


            The information I omitted was that I am running this on a localhost server.

            It's Windows 7 and I use  cr/lf.


            It seems strange to me that as there have been no changes at all to any aspect of the code and it works in perfectly in CS4 but not CS6.

            Also it worked in CS6 prior to the latest update a few days ago.


            Maybe I should take up road sweeping instead