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    InDesign Help with CS6 Classroom in a Book


      Greetings everyone,

      I'm finishing Chapter 2 of Adobe Creative Suite 6 Design & Web Premium Classroom in a book, and there was an error that transferred to the PDF I created of test magazine that is not showing in the InDesign document.


      On Page 13 where I completed the "Splitting paragraphs within columns and spanning paragraphs across columns" exercise, my InDesign document looks exactly like the example in the book, with the "Cobblestones, gentrification and local produce" subhead on the bottom of the page with several lines of text over the three columns below it -- a perfect representation of the picture on Page 88 in the book. However, on the PDF I created in the exercise in the end of the chapter, the subhead jumped to the next text box on Page 15 and the first two columns of text go all the way to the bottom of the text box and a sizable widow at the top of the third column.


      (I have screenshots, but I'm getting an error trying to upload them.)


      Does anyone have any suggestions what could have happened to cause this?