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    Can we insert an image from a website (href="http://")

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      I am trying to import images using import XML. I can easily get images that are locally stored. But I need to get images from a website. Is it possible to include "http://" path in the href propoerty of an image file. I am on a deadline. Any hint will be appreciated....thanks

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          PrintFusion45 Employee Moderator

          Here are the possible ways of referencing to images:


          Image reference examples
          Images stored in same folder as xml filehref=”file:///image.jpg”
          images stored in a sub folder inside the same folder as xml filehref=”file:///foldername/image.jpg”
          Images stored anywhere and referenced by accessing the full path name. This is referred to as an absolute path nameIn the Documents folder on your PC: href=”file:///C:/Users/username/Documents/

          In the Documents folder on your Mac: href=”file:///Users/username/Douments/

          Where username is to be replaced with your username (in my case that would be “carijansen”) and RestOfPath points to sub and sub-sub-folders inside the Documents folder
          Images stored on another volume (server)from a Macintosh OS: file:///Volumes/VolumeName/RestOfPath

          Where VolumeName reflects the volume.
          from Windows: file:///Servername/RestOfPath
          Where ServerName reflects the name of the Server you’re connected to.



          Ultimately, the file has to be residing on a network volume and not on a web server. So the path has to be Absolute path to the network volume and not a URL, because ID will not dynamically make calls to URL while opening the file or importing the XML.