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    apply camera profile to DNG created from TIFF

    David Remington Level 1

      I posted this question earlier this week to the Camera RAW forum and received one reply. Reposting here to seek more input.


      I'm working on profiling a wide format scanner. I've made ICC profiles with Profilemaker 5 and Rough Profler (Argyll). Neither work very well for this device. I converted a TIFF from the scanner to DNG using CR and tried DNG Profile Editor. I'm able export a "TIFF Profile" but CR does not recognize it or offer any Camera Profile options other than "Embedded". Is there a work around? Can CR appy a camera profile to a DNG file created from a TIFF?


      The preview on an image in Profile Editor looks promising and the PE controls are very flexible. PE can make a profile from a TIFF derived DNG, it even referres to it as "TIFF profile". It would be very useful to have this functionality in CR. There is still a need for good profiling solutions for cameras and scanners that output TIFF.