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    Monthly Billings


      I went in and made a form up to sell our service so I had it set up to collect the initial purchase fee, and the first month's fee. Since it's an on going service I would like it continue to collect each and every month.


      Now, how do I activate the same form to collect monthly fees thereafter?


      Could it also set up an invoice to go out a week before the collection of the fee?


      I really don't need to have an invoice so bad , but I do need to set the monthly fee up for automatic processing.


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          Genevieve Laroche Adobe Employee

          I need to understand better what you are trying to do.


          Do you want your customer to fill out a form every month and pay "manually" via the form and PayPal every month?

          If this is the case then you will have to create a new (or duplicate the one you curretly have) an make the changes necessary for a single monthly payment. Your customer will have to fill it out every month to pay you.




          Do you want recurring monthly payments to happen automatically without your subscribers having to fill out a form every month?

          If this is the case, we do not support this type of recurring payments.