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    Encore Project Settings and Encoded file is less in Encore than on my Drive.

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      Before Encoding my Premiere Pro timeline in Media Encoder, I had set up my all my menus and all my assets in Encore CS 5.1. After I had done all that, I pressed the "Build button and it said I had around 23 GB left (I am making a Blu-Ray DVD)


      So I went back to Premiere Pro CS 5.5 and Encoded my Project through Media Encoder. I set it it H.264 Blu-Ray, PCM Audio, Target Bit Rate was 18.5 and Max Bit Rate was 20. The estimated file size said it was going to be around 23 GB. This was perfect.


      So I encoded it and when it was done, on the Hard Drive, it was 23 GB, just like to was supposed to be.


      I then imported it into my Encore project and put it on the timeline. I then looked at the Build tab to see how many GB I had left on the Disc. I wanted a little room.


      It said I am only using just over 20 GB and have a little over 4 GB left to use..


      Why would this happen? I now have more free space.


      In Encore, I wento to File ------ Project Settings ------ Default Transcode settings ---- and that was set at:


      Max Audio/Video

      Codec MPEG 2

      Bit Rate = 15 MBPS.

      The Audio was on Dolby.


      There was a drop down list, in the Bit Rate category, that I could have chosen to use 20 or 25. I left it at 15 for now.


      If I go back and choose 20 or 25 would that make the encoding of my whole project (Menus and h.264 Blu-Ray) a little better quality than it is now? Will it increase the size of Encoded project so when I hit the Build tab again it will show I have less space available to use? I want to make the project  as good as it can get without going over the 25 GB limit.


      One other thing.


      Wih my final project on the Encore Timeline, when I have the Sequence active, on the Project tab in Encore it reads: 19.1 GB Encoded (Audio and Video). the final encode is 23 GB. Why is it going down to 19?


      The video looks good and I could burn it to a Blu-Ray now and it would look great. I just want to know if there is some way to make it a little better inside Encore without having to Encode my whole project at a higher Bit Rate knowing that It will be a little less when I bring it into Encore.


      Thanks in advance


      Premiere Pro CS 5.5

      Media Encoder 5.5

      Encore 5.1