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    Copy from Illustrator to Photoshop losing quality


      I've been using CS for many years, and have come across something that is stumping me.


      (I'm using CS5 on a 2011 iMac, 12GB RAM, OS 10.7.5)


      For as long as I can remember, I've been able to copy a vector image from Illustrator, and paste it into a PS document, either an existing one, or a new one, without losing any quality. The vector art will look identical to what I created in Illustrator. When I hit "paste", I get the dialog asking if I want to paste as Smart Object, Pixels, etc. I've always chosen "Pixels", as I typically don't need to edit it again in Illustrator.


      Up until a month or so ago, anytime I'd do this process, the vector art would paste into PS and lose no quality. The crisp vector art would stay clean, even if I enlarged as I pasted it in the PS doc (after the dialog, the Transform box appears around the art, allowing to you transform it before placing it).


      However, in the last month, it's changed so that when I paste art from Illustrator, it loses much quality, becomes very pixelated, jaggy edges, etc., almost as if I'm taking a small raster image and enlarging it 500% in PS... Obviously this would cause a raster image to become very pixelated, but why is it doing the same thing to my vector art?


      I don't believe I've changed any settings/prefs, so I'm not sure what happened.


      Any suggestions? Thanks in advance.