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    Connecting via Local/Network to remote server

      Hi All,

      I am trying create a connection in Contribute.
      I provide the "Web address for our website".
      " http://chapp9/SalesStaging/SalesPages/"

      Next i select "Local/Network" for "How do you connect to your web server?"

      In the text box, "What is the network path to your website?"
      i try to provide the shared folder we created on the server.
      This is not working.
      eg, server name = chapp9
      shared folder = SalesStaging.
      This shared folder has been granted full access to all users.
      the path that i provide = \\chapp9\SalesStaging\SalesPages\

      The error that pops up says "Contribute cannot verify your connection information. Please contact your administrator for assistance".

      As a work around, when i provide the following into the path, Contribute accepts the value.
      value it takes = \\chapp9\d$\java\SalesStaging\SalesPages\

      Does anyone know any solution for connecting Contribute to a shared network folder.

      Kindly respond.
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          Dominic Michael Adobe Employee
          Map to the server in your client machine before making a LAN connection to that server.Hope it helps.
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            amit_at_indy Level 1
            I have tried to map the drive too.

            I tried to map Z drive to \\chapp9\d$\java\SalesStaging and provided
            Local/Network path = Z:\SalesPages\
            This did not work. (SalesStaging was the shared folder on server, chapp9)

            Also tried to map the whole path to the drive letter instead of just shared folder.
            so i had Z drive as \\chapp9\d$\java\SalesStaging\SalesPages and provided
            Local/Network path = Z:\

            Even this did not work. The folder does have a proper index page named as index.html as expected by Contribute.
            The path provided in the Local/Network path and the URL provided in the step before do match exactly.

            The Connection manager still does not recognizes the mapped drive or the shared folder.
            It is only working with the absolute physical path name instead,
            where we need to provide the server name, drive on that server and the entire path to the folder.

            Has anybody encountered this problem? can anyone provide any inputs?