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    Two important questions

      Hi All

      Please I have two questions,

      1- How I can create a popUpButtonMenu in a vertical direction?? When I rotate it , the label disappears. So I want another solution as fast as you can please.

      2- How I can connect flex with oracle?? I want a complete example please.

      Try to help me pleaseeeeeeeeeeee
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          batmitra Level 1
          for the 1st question i can't help you
          for the 2nd i don't have a complete example but i can tell you this, how are you planning on getting data from oracle?

          if is with httpservice or webservice you should connect to it with the way you are doing now and get data out in xml format.

          if you are using flex data services, (live cycle ) you must read adobe documentation.
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            mrs_kariem Level 1
            Hi batmitra, thank you for helping me...

            So can I ask you , What is the difference between the two (httpservice and webservice) ?

            I will tell you what we have to do to see which one I must use... I will make a
            project using Oracle warehouse , Oracle portal and flex... Using flex to create a
            moving charts and I have to connect flex with oracle to retrieve the data from the database. I also must post this project to be work in the internet not in my host. I wish that you understand what I said and advise me which one (httpservice or webservice) to choose and tell me how I should write it ? Sorry for annoying you but try to help me as fast as you can

            I am using flex builder,,,, Is that important to use flex data service?? If that important from where can I download it??

            Finally thank you very much for helping me,, Try to give me the solution as fast as you can please
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              mrs_kariem Level 1
              No One Help me??

              I want a solution for that please as fast as you can please
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                mrs_kariem Level 1
                Any Help Please
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                  batmitra Level 1
                  sorry for the delay but here in Portugal i had a long weekend out.
                  so from what i see that you want to do and you don't want to go with live cycle i advise you to go with webservices, why ?

                  well, i am doing a portal in flex which is getting data from an sql database thru .net , when i started that i was using webservices, than Tracy here advise me to use HttpService that was faster , well, i've tried that but i gave up, because there is one thing that it's easier to deal with webservices and those are methods. With httpservice you need to say to your backend wich operation you want to execute, with webservices you call a method directly, so here is my little experience.

                  I can tell you that at my job we have a portal based on DotNetNuke and i'm doing it in flex wich is very fast to do.
                  About connecting flex to ORacle , you can't do it direcly , you need some backend language like .net or php.

                  Hope i could be helpful
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                    mrs_kariem Level 1
                    Hi batmitra,
                    Thank you for helping me. I am new in flex and I don't know many things. I understand what you mean ,but I want the code of how I can connect flex to Oracle throw Java.
                    I know it is possible, but I want the code because I have a task I have to finish it soon and I don't know how to start. I read many documents, but I didn't get an answer for my question which is : How I can do that?
                    I want a clear code...

                    Please help me if you can, Please
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                      mrs_kariem Level 1
                      Any help, especially with connecting flex with Oracle???

                      Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee help me as fast as you can
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                        mrs_kariem Level 1
                        Unfortunatelly it doesn't,,, because as you can see it doesn't give me a full example how I can do that...

                        Try to find any other Solution
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                          J_Fraser Level 1
                          hmm I thought it told you pretty much everything.

                          1. Set up oracle to produce XML using the htp.p function
                          2. Use the HTTPService to retrieve the XML data into flex
                          http://livedocs.adobe.com/flex/201/html/wwhelp/wwhimpl/common/html/wwhelp.htm?context=Live Docs_Book_Parts&file=tutorial_data_017_5.html
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                            Sorry, I am not a westerner. Question1, how do you "rotate" it, What is he word "rotate" mean? I don't understand. But I happend to have some certain same problem, so I may help you.
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                              mrs_kariem Level 1
                              Common Mr. 4 IT LIFE , I am also not a westerner but this is word used by Computer programmers and also is an English word. Rotate means change the direction of the pic or any thing for example if you have a picture contain this arrow --> we can rotate it to be like that <-- or upward or downward. I hope you understand what I mean

                              The main Problem is DB connectivity. Mr. J_Fraser thank you for helping me ,yes this example is good ,but I don't want to change anything in Oracle it self What I want is:

                              1-having a connection from flex to oracle using java or anything else
                              2-read data from oracle and write it in xml file
                              3- let my flex application read from that xml file

                              I know the procedure but I don't know How I can write it and also the position of those files that I have to create, Must I have Flex Server? and from where I install it??

                              I wish to find any help from you