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    Text and images causing rollover effect issues




      I have a menu button that I am working, and I am having problems with the rollover effect I applied to it when you mouseover. With text, as well as an image (used to display the different states of the button), the button has an issue with these items being comprised on or in it.


      For example, without text and/or an image on the button, the rollover effect is accomplished just fine when you mousover. Now if I apply text and/or an image to the button, when you mouseover, the text and/or image prevents the button from performing the rollover effect when you mouseover. The text or image is "highlighted" (well the area/bounding boxes they encompass) when you mouseover, but as soon as you "navigate" away from the text or image (mouseover the actual button) the rollover effect is accomplished. How can I get everything (button div, text div, and image) to play nice with one another, so this issue I am experiencing will be eliminated?


      Moreover, this issue has the same effect on all actions applied to the button, for example, mouseover play or stop actions are not accomplished due to the text or image within the button.


      Solutions I have tried that did not yeild a favorable result:


      1. Turning everything into a symbol
      2. Grouping everything together
      3. merging both text div and image with the button div via the elements menyu (drag and drop both items into the button div)


      Any help from the community would be much appreciated.