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    Flex and ORACLE


      I am new to Flex and I am impressed with the ease of use and the presentation capabilities but I need to know the easiest way to connect to an ORACLE database, because I want to use it to build a prototype for a financial application. I don't have much experience in this area and was hoping there would be a straight-forward way to achieve this?

      I have installed ORACLE 10g express, Flex Builder 2 and LiveCycle Data Services (formerly Flex Data Services), with integrated JRun application server.

      What should I do next? I would be grateful for any advice.

      Thanks, Antony
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          mrs_kariem Level 1
          If you get a solution please inform me because I have the same problem
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            I'll ask whether Oracle 10g Express is supported and report back. However,
            although not for this exact server, have you seen any of the instructions
            at this location?


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              Sorry, I see that you're actually asking how to use Flex to contact an Oracle

              There are couple of options....

              You could use a J2EE application server and write either JSP pages or a Java
              Servlet to do data base queries on your behalf using JDBC and return XML
              to the Flex client using <mx:HTTPService>.

              Or, you could similarly use LCDS and connect to a plain old java object (that
              also uses JDBC) that you configure as a remoting service destination and
              contact it using <mx:RemoteObject>. The difference here is that you'll get
              better performance and be able to return strongly typed objects back to ActionScript.

              Or, you could use a nifty feature like LCDS's data management services with
              its SQLAssembler where you configure a destination and parameterized SQL
              statements and not have to write any server side code.

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                mrs_kariem Level 1
                Perfect Mr. Newsgroup. You make things become little bit clearer to me, but I am bignner in Flex so I am looking for you to give me an example of How I can do that? I want an example of any kind you give it to me. I tried to understand samples on lcds ,but I failed. I copy the code in a new mxml and run it, but it shows me many errors in the <mx:DataService> I don't know why?
                Flex project must be in a specified path or what???

                Please Help me with an easy example.

                Thank You
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                  Probably. Are you deploying your app locally or in the LCDS localhost? 'Cause if you are not on LCDS any HTTPService would never work.

                  Mr. Farland, I'm expecting you to explain us alittle bit further the techniques, plus you have to consider the people that don't know jsp very well. I hope you can help us. Thank you.
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                    antonyjpharris Level 1
                    Hi Peter,

                    Thanks for your advice. I am really looking for the easiest way to connect to my database in order to build my prototype, so I presume that the last option you suggest would be the best - the less code I have to write the better!

                    Would this option scale up to a full intranet application with say 10 users, or would I have to use some other set-up for the full-blown system?

                    Any tips or links you can provide would be very gratefully received.

                    Cheers Antony