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    Premiere Pro CS6 crashing immediately after opening


      So I recently installed the Adobe Production Premium Suite for Windows 7. I have installed all updates and everything WAS working fine. Then about a month ago I went to edit in Photoshop CS6 and it crashed right after importing files. So just out of curiousity is crashed while opening anything in the suite, After Effects, Premiere, etc. So I uninstalled, Re-installed and downloaded all the updates, and everything was working just fine. Now this nastly little problem has arisin again. Illustrator and Photoshop seem to be working, I can load files, edit, save, render, etc. But Premiere and After Effects refuse to start. Premiere boots fine and I can create a new project and set it up, but once I am finished that and Premiere is actually open, it instantly before I can anything. All I get is Windows message saying that this program has stopped working then just exits out. No error message from Premiere. I then decided to open up the project file, it opened and Premiere did not crash. I imported clips, no problem. I selected a clip to start editing, and Premiere crashed just like it did before. So this problem is happening with BOTH Premiere Pro CS6 and After Effects CS6. With After Effects, I get the error message: After Effects error: Crash in Progress. Last logged message was: <4224> <ae.blitpipe> <2> Making New Context. Then I click okay and a second error message appears, this one reading: After Effects can't continue: sorry, After Effects has crashed. For After Effects Help and Support, go to (Adobes website). If you still can't resolve the issue, please contact Adobe Technical Support (2). (0 :: 42). Then Windows pops up with its message letting me know that After Effects has stopped working.



      Windows 7

      Intel Core i7 3570k

      8Gb G.Skill ram

      ASrock Z77 Extreme 4 motherboard

      XFX Radeon HD 7950

      2xAdata SP900 64 Gb SSD in RAID 0

      1TB Seagate Barricuda HDD


      I cannot see my version number of my applications because, well I cant start them. I am downloading the most recent update for Premiere as I type this, even though it is currently up to date according to the Adobe Update Manager.