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    ColdFusion not handles HTTP OPTIONS requests for CFC



      - A webserver which hosts a frontend application based on ExtJS.

      - A ColdFusion 10 server (with apache) that hosts backend services.

      - Frontend application make AJAX requests to ColdFusion components (CFC) with form http://<CF_server>/<app_path>/<CFC>?method=someMethod&...

      - CFC responds with JSON.



      Since frontend and backend are on different servers we are in a CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing) environment and AJAX requests making two http requests to backend: first is an OPTIONS method for handshake and second is a POST request. I have need enabling headers in Apache on CF server and using "Header set Access-Control-Allow-Origin: *" directive for enabling CORS, but I would like handling headers programmatically from CF not Apache. I have run some test and I noticed that OPTIONS method in http request works only with CFM and not with CFC, so the first AJAX request (with OPTIONS method) fails. I can bypass OPTIONS request in AJAX call setting useDefaultXhrHeader properties, but I would understand CF behavior.



      After running tests with cfhttp tag I have found that:

      - HTTP request with OPTIONS method to CFM are similar to GET method: triggers events method on Application.cfc (orRequestStart, ...), returns filecontent and headers.

      - HTTP request with OPTIONS method to CFC don't triggers events, don't return filecontent nor headers.

      - A call (with OPTSIONS method) to unexistants CFC return same result.



      Why CF not handle OPTIONS method when calling CFC?



      In my tests i have bypassed Apache using integrated CF webserver on port 8500. I have also tried on CF9 with same results. Railo, instead, has a different behavior: handles OPTIONS method also for CFC.



      This is similar as this thread without response: http://www.houseoffusion.com/groups/cf-talk/thread.cfm/threadid:59715