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    Mouseout Not Working?


      I've recently been working with Flex Builder 3 beta 2, and I'm trying to use the Mouseout event on a canvas I have created. Essentially, the user mouses over an icon, a canvas pops up and displays some text/info. Then, if the user mouses out of the icon, the canvas disappears. This works correctly. However, I also want the canvas to stay visible if the user mouses out of the icon, but onto the panel. This is also working correctly.

      Once the user has moused over the panel, if they mouse out to the right or the bottom, the panel disappears, as it should. However, if they mouse out to the top or to the left, the panel remains until you either mouse out to the left/bottom, or mouse over a different icon.

      Any ideas as to why the mouseout works in two directions, but not all four? Code snippets:




      private function hidePopupPanel(overridden:Boolean):void {
      if(popupOpen == true || overridden == true) {
      if(mouseX < dPopupPanel.x || mouseX > (dPopupPanel.x + dPopupPanel.width) || mouseY < dPopupPanel.mouseY || mouseY > (dPopupPanel.y + dPopupPanel.height)) {
      dPopupPanelLink.visible = false;
      dPopupPanel.visible = false;
      popupOpen = false;
      currentLink = "";