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    Suggestion - better file saving options

    david k Level 2

      From online Adobe tutorials and online discussions it seems that the file saving options in PS Touch are very limited and very frustrating for many people.


      I gather Adobe wants us to rely almost exclusively on the 'cloud' to save files in either .psd or the native .psdx format. And even when you save in .jpeg or png formats, you have no options as to where these are saved. All very frustrating.


      My suggestion is rhat Adobe allow more file saving options: allow us to save images in the format we'd like and in whatever location we'd like.


      Many of us--for different reasons--want the option to save locally; some example: we're traveling and don't have access to the cloud, or don't have time to upload at the time we're working, or simply don't want to use the cloud, or use yet another cloud service.