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    Streaming audio stopping with Flash Player v11.7 r700


      I'm using Actionscript 2.0 and the Sound object.  I originally wrote this code in 2008 and it has been running without trouble since then.  Last week I received complaints that the background music in my movie file was stopping at a specific point shortly after it started playing.  I was able to duplicate this in Chrome and then also downgrade the flash player to confirm that the problem only exists with the latest release.  I then started receiving complaints about IE, and now Firefox as well.  It's all tied to the latest flash player release v11.7 r700.  I wrote the original movie in CS3, so I went ahead and upgraded to CS6 to see whether or not that would solve the problem but it had no effect.  I've tried changing my publish settings for versions 8 all the way to 11.2 with no change in the symptom.  I've seen various complaints about streaming audio cutting out while watching YouTube videos with the new flash player, so I'm hoping this has Adobe's attention.


      My code is very simple regarding this Sound object, essentially point to the source and play.  It's got to be something else in the movie that's causing the problem and timing wise, it is tied to an image transition (the 2nd occurrence).  I am using MCTE from JumpeyeComponents to do the image transition, so it is possible this is a conflict with their older code and the new player.


      Anybody else experiencing this problem and found any possible workarounds?