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    TIFF export at the beginnig fast, than it becomes slower and slower. Whats the problem?


      Hello community,


      I have a 52 min. project (Full HD) and want to export it in single Frames in TIFF.

      At the begining (until around 5 min. after starting the export) it goes kind of fast. It exports around 2 TIFF's a second (yes there are already pictures in the frame and not only credits or much of black).

      Than the export beomes slower and slower. After a few hours of rendering there is a remaining time of over 70 hours and only every 40 seconds a new frame is exported.

      The CPU is used consistently by 80-90% in the beginning but than its goes down to 30-60% and is every second different (30%...50%...40%...60%...30%...70%).

      I also tried to export with encoder, but its the same.

      Is there somebody able to help me? If you need more informaton ask for it.


      Thank you for helping