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    "colorize" setting for specific color?

    Doug.S Level 3

      Occasionally I select part of an image, apply a hue/sat adj layer, check colorize and attempt to re-create an RGB color on that selection....but it all seems to be trial and error, hunt and peck method of moving HSL sliders or entering numbers.


      I tried matching the "numbers" to an HSL equivalent of the desired RGB color but not much better/faster desired results.


      I realize the image has a range of tonal values so hitting the exact number overall is not do-able using this method, nor is it the goal (otherwise a simple paint bucket fill would work). But at least somewhere in the selection image I'd want to be sure my color is very close.


      I tried using eye dropper color sample spots (up to 4), which helps, but the process is slow and fiddly.


      Does anyone know of a faster/better/easier method or can point me to a tut?

      Help file and Google searches have not found anything for me so far.


      My goal is to be able to re-color/colorize part of an image to match an RGB sample color, yet leave the tonal range in the image still looking like it is part of the scene; including shadows and highhlights and midtones.


      Maybe I'm using the wrong tools?


      Does my request/explanation make sense?