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    Installation of Adobe Flash 11.7.700.169 fails w/Java script errors


      I am getting very frustrated with Adobe software, it seems that nearly every time I try to update my flash player the update Flash player process fails with a java script error.


      I currently am running Adobe Flash player: 11.6.602.180


      My system is running 32-bit Windows XP, SP3, all patches to date, IE v8.0.6001.18702.


      When I try to install the Adobe Flash player update to 11.7.700.169 the process always fails with the following....

      A pop up to the screen from IE, titled: "Internet Explorer Script Error"

      The  message displayed on the screen is:

         An error has occured on the script on this page.

         Line: 1

         Char: 15965

         Error: Object Expected

        Code: 0



      Do you want to continue running scripts on this page? <Yes>/<No>


      No matter what choice I make the install fails (choosing yes causes more Script Error messages to appear, before it finally hangs).


      I have followed the steps suggested on the 'Troubleshooting page', yes Active Scripts are enabled within IE

      I also have tried turning off all AV and Firewalls when performing installation, yet I get the same errors.



      Mark Reynolds