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    executing javascript actions from flash...

      I have a flash header with my site navigation in it. I want to use this great javascript utility (loaded in the head section of my page) that dynamically loads page content, instead of reloading the whole page. This works great with static html text links - but I'm having a hard time getting it to work from flash.

      Here is the text link that works great:
      <a class="menu" href="javascript:ajaxpage('home1.html', 'contentarea');">test link</a>

      Here is my actionscript that doesn't work:
      on (press) {
      //Goto Webpage Behavior
      getURL("javascript:ajaxpage('home1.html', 'contentarea');");
      //End Behavior

      Any thoughts on what I should do different in my actionscript to get this javascript to work properly?