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    Working with 2 tracks of Audio from a wedding, Groom Mic and Ambient?

    EdwurdAdam Level 1



      I am working on a wedding where the Groom  is at the Alter and he is wearing a Lav. Mic on his jacket.


      This is plugged into Channel 2 on the camera.


      Channel 1 channel is just ambient.


      I brought the footage in as 2 Mono Tracks ao I can separate the channels.


      When they were on the timeline, I Unlinked all of the tracks. I then deleted Track 1 off of the timeline (Ambient), I copied and Pasted Audio Track 2 onto Audio Track V1 so both tracks are now the Mic on the Grooms jacket.


      His audio was up and down so I had to make razor blade cuts before he spoke everytime to fix his levels. I then went into Audio Gain and, depending on how loud or soft he was, I adjusted the Audio gain volume in the dialog box for everytime he spoke.  


      Was this the best way to do this?


      Is there a better way to separate the channels and do what I just did to get the levels right?


      Is there a way to Highlight all of his clips, His clips only, and tell Premiere Pro CS 5.5 to make all his levels at -6?  That would be the best option. Then, if neccessary, I can just go in and tweak a few that still were too loud or soft.


      I come from FCP 7


      Thanks in advance


      Premiere Pro CS 5.5

      Mac Pro

      Intel Xeon