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        Which version of Flash Pro and is it up to date? For example, Flash Pro CS5.5 used to change my app name to the filename a long time ago but that's been patched. Now that it's patched the panel just overall doesn't support the AIR XML schema and has been depreciated so I hand-edit the XML constantly. CS6 handles it better but will inevitably have the same issue.


        What I do is keep my XML open in a separate editor. The second you open the AIR Publish options and then close, the XML is overwritten. I just re-save the same XML file I already have in the text editor to keep it how I want it. It's not ideal but I've been doing it so long it's tolerable.


        I use Flash Builder these days solely for any AIR app development which doesn't suffer from this in 4.6 or 4.7. This is just a well known Flash Pro issue.

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          I'm using Flash CS6 and it is up-to-date. Currently, I have to do the same thing: wait for Notepad++ to inform me that the file has been changed and ask if I want to reload. I click "No" and then "Save" to ensure the filename remains as i need it to, to prevent the error.


          If this was broken in CS5.5, why do you suppose it wasn't fixed in CS6? If others are experiencing this issue, maybe they've found a better work-around? Adobe?

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            Simply because the schema, support and features of AIR are updated at a rapid pace to keep compliant with Google and Apple.


            There's been many old apps I've had that broke entirely during the OS6 update that were fixed in the next version. When I say broke, I mean shattered. Being the XML schema is updated so rapidly the interfaces for creating them in the apps themselves (especially relics like CS5.5) can't keep pace. Believe me, you want AIR to be updated as much and fast as possible to address potentially serious issues and open new long awaited features.


            How you're doing it now is probably the best way. I wait for FlashDevelop to tell me it's been updated, deny updating it, add/subtract whitespace and resave..


            I think the best possible thing would be for Adobe to consider breaking off the XML-specific portions of the interface into a separate panel. The destination of the IPA, signing credentials, etc all can be in a different panel so the XML isn't overwritten every time you set them at export. Then simply get used to the very verbosely commented XML file and hand-edit it from then on. It's a really simple file to learn anyhow and I gut mine of all unneeded settings and comments so it's 1/8th the size. If people are making apps, this file shouldn't scare them at all. The Apple developer section, references and provisioning portal? Now that's scary..

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