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    CS4 Photoshop and .NEF (Nikon) images


      My Photoshop CS4 opens images shot in Nikon Raw (.NEF) as .jpg files. Why?

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          Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional



          What operating system are you using?


          When you open a nikon camera raw file, what leads you believe the images are jpegs?


          If you camera is set to shoot both nef+jpeg are you sure your opening the nef file and not the jpeg file?


          Are you opening the nef files from bridge, directly from photoshop using File>Open or from some other application/program?

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            Sue1228 Level 1



            I am running Snow Leopard on my Mac. I have my old photos from my D60 stored in iPhoto. I'm trying to get them into Lightroom but that's another headache issue.  >:(


            I don't use the Bridge. When I want to open a photo in Photoshop, I select File>Open, then access iPhoto. I then double-click the event that contains the image I want so I can select it. At the bottom of the dialog box, "Enable" and "All Readable Documents" are shown, as well as "Format" at the lower left of the same dialog box. What I see for the "Format" is "JPEG" even though I have been shooting strictly in Raw (NEF). I don't even choose both JPEG and NEF, which is an option I have. Is this what I should be seeing there?


            I then change the "Format" from "JPEG" to "Camera Raw" to do some editing that way. I checked the Plug-in section of Photoshop and it says I have Camera Raw 5.0. I found some additional updates like 5.1, 5.2 etc. but I've tried downloading those and the version shown never changes. I also found some updates to Photoshop as a whole  so I went from what I had at 11.0 to 11.1 via a download I found. I saw there are more after 11.1 so I will be updating those. Why I didn't get these long ago, I have no idea. Will getting me to the latest version of Photoshop CS4 help this? Or am I not undertanding how this all works together? I got CS4 back in 2008 (I think) and haven't used it much until I got back into photography about a year ago. And a month ago I got Lightroom but once my images are downloaded there, to Lightroom, I can't even open those in Photoshop at all. They are "grayed out" and I can't get at them. 


            Again, I'm just wondering if I'm not understanding how all of this works.

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              Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

              You should be able to download and install the latest cs4 updates by going to Help>Updates from within photoshop cs4 or bridge cs4.

              Among others 11.02 for photoshop and camera raw 5.7 should be on the list you see after running Help>Updates.


              Do the camera raw files from your d60 open up in the camera raw dialog before opening in photoshop proper?

              The d60 is old enough that even the camera plugin that ships with cs4 should open them into the camera raw dialog.


              I'm not really familar with how iPhoto and photoshop interact, so maybe someone that is will post a comment.

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                Sue1228 Level 1

                No, my files don't automatically open with Raw when I initially get one out of iPhoto, via Photoshop. iPhoto, will display that the image was taken in "Raw" by having the word "Raw" appear underneath the image. The metadata of the photos also indicates that it was shot in Raw.


                But when I do File>Open in Photoshop, getting the image from iPhoto, it shows as JPEG as the Format type. I will then change JPEG to Camera Raw and do some editing, then click the "Done" button, which closes the image. When I go back into Photoshop to open that same image, it will then have "Camera Raw" as the format, not JPEG, because I've edited with that. When I click on "Open Image" of one with edits previously applied, it does open ok with those edits still intact, but at the top of the image window, the info given shows the image number but the extension is again .jpg. Should it now be showing .NEF because it was a Raw image to start with and I edited in Camera Raw?  


                I just now did a test of an old image taken with the D60 that I knew I hadn't done any sort of editing on and it happend as described above. I guess another question  would be this: Anytime I try to open an image using File>Open in Photoshop, shoulding it try to open in the format the pic was actually taken in, not just defaulting to .jpg?


                If so, maybe the problem is that my sytem isn't up-to-date or that my iPhoto is causing the problems  As I said before, I have nothing but trouble with my new Lightroom when trying to copy those old files from iPhoto to Lightroom so I can have everything in just one place. I've seen many posts from others having the same issue. I, too, posted a forum question on that for someone who works with that software .

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                  Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                  I think you should be opening the raw photos stored in the iphoto catalog directly from iphoto into cs4 instead of using file>open in photoshop:


                  for photoshop elements, but should be the same for cs4 except for the organizer part:




                  another perhaps useful links:



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                    Jeff Arola Adobe Community Professional

                    A couple of relevent links about switching from iPhoto to lightroom:






                    http://thelightroomlab.com/2010/08/importing-images-getting-your-images-iphoto-to-adobe-ph otoshop-lightroom-v3/


                    I wish i had more direct info, but since i'm mostly a windows user nowadays, i have very little experience with iPhoto.

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                      Sue1228 Level 1

                      Thank you so much for helping me with this problem! The links you attached are just what I needed to understand what was going on between these systems and how to work around it all. After reading through the links, I downloaded Photoshop Elements 11 free trial to see if I could get some images into there, from iPhoto, then be able to import them to Lightroom. It worked quite easily.  I also never realized that I could have Photoshop be the editor of the images stored in iPhoto, just by changing a setting. No surprise that Apple wouldn't exactly point that out!  >:)


                      I must say your information is MUCH MORE HELPFUL than what the person from Adobe Support gave to me. I don't think he really even understood the situation I was experiencing. I've spent MANY frustrating hours trying to make my systems "work together" but Apple has seen to it that that doesn't happen without a lot of effort!


                      Whew!  Now I can lay off the asprin for a while!  >:)


                      Thanks again,