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    save a video


      I edited a video and I want to render the new video. Everything looks fine but when the exporting process terminates the filesize is always zero !!

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          JJMack Mythic

          Pleas give us more information  OS version PS version Some hardware info...

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            ROUBI Newcomer

            Hi JJMack

            thanks for your reply.

            Here are some more details: I'm running ps cs6 version 13.0.1 x32 (taken from "About")

            I'm running W7 enterprise, 64 bit on a laptop with 8 GB RAM.

            In ps I did the following:

            1. drag and dropped a *.mp4 video into ps (produces 2 layers: video group 1 and layer 1 ??)
            2. edited the video (shortened the length, increased the 'play' speed)
            3. checked the functionality -> it's just what I want!
            4. now I press the curved arrow in the video section to render my video
            5. when I monitor the harddisk I can see that the overall size decreases (meaning the export process really writes to harddisk) but after the ps export process terminates I have the file in the chosen directory with size 0 (zero) !!!


            Your help is very much appreciated!

            Thanks ROUBI

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              JJMack Mythic

              ROUBI wrote:

              when I monitor the harddisk I can see that the overall size decreases (meaning the export process really writes to harddisk)

              Sounds more like is deleting and freeing space then writing a new large video file.


              When rendering the video do you see any progress bar or is you video very short?  If there is any length to it you should get a progress bar. Also which preset are you using for the render. Have you tried more then one. Do you even get the render dialog?


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                ROUBI Newcomer

                I can see the progressbar (which depending on the video is short or quite long)

                from the picture above (render tab) everything is the same except "Range". Here the selection is on "All Frames"

                Another question: when dragging and dropping a video into ps I get the "Video Group 1" and "Layer 1" layers.

                Which one must be selected when you start rendering?

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                  JJMack Mythic

                  I do not do video however I just did a test. This is what I did. I dropped a avi file I created with sketchup 8 onto Photoshop used the + sign in the video time line in the palette to add a second clip created with sketchup. I then added a audio track and trimmed the audio to fit the video.  I plated the joined clips with added audio. It plated. Then I clicked the render icon. I left all the field settings as the popped up. I had rendered a single clip before and the setting I used then were remembered.  The start and end frames though must have been updated by the render plug-in. I just clicked the render button. I looked in the destination folder and saw at least three files being written.  Soon after the rendering process was complete two of the files written were deleted. The remaining mp4 video file played without any problem. Looking at the screen capture layer 2 the second video and the audio seem to be highlighted the active targets. Both videos were rendered.


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                    ROUBI Newcomer

                    Hi JJMack

                    thanks very much for your help and patience.

                    The problem is when just one of the layers is selected.

                    For whatever reasons the writing process looks the same (just the way you've described it) but at the end ps resets the file length. (the file does exist !! but with length 0!!

                    If this is a bug or a very special feature, I don't know.


                    When I mark all layers then the result is as expected.

                    Thanks very much for your assistence.


                    Should such behavior be reported as a bug??

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                      JJMack Mythic

                      The first thing you should do it try resetting your Photoshop preferences then retry you render.

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                        ROUBI Newcomer

                        Actually I'm running the factory settings (just turned on a different color scheme once) but have reinstalled the default settings afterwards.

                        The fact remains that without selecting all layers the rendered filesize is zero.

                        But I think I can live with that (now that I know of)

                        Thanks a lot for your assitence.

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                          I'm pretty sure that JJ meant nuking the preferences files when he typed "try resetting your Photoshop preferences", not just reverting to "factory settings".


                          Such files do get corrupted sometimes and have to be deleted, forcing Photoshop to create a brand new preferences file.


                          To re-create the preferences files for Photoshop, start the application while holding down Ctrl+Alt+Shift (Windows) or Command+Option+Shift (Mac OS). Then, click Yes to the message, "Delete the Adobe Photoshop Settings file?"

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                            ROUBI Newcomer

                            That was it!!

                            After deleting the preferences files for Photoshop I can render without tagging a specific layer or a group thereof.

                            Thanks to all of you.

                            CU next time.