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    Animating animations (cartoons)?


      Hi there. I am an animator who usually works in flash. I understand that flash is trying to be weaned out and edge will takes its place.


      Does anybody know if they're planning on setting it up so it's more like flash? Pen tool, brush tool - just basically being able to create and manipulate complex vectors within flash.

      Don't get me wrong, circles and squares are great and all, but I kind of want to be able to make more than that. I can't really do much with that.

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          heathrowe Most Valuable Participant

          Good points, certainly would be great to see a robust 'drawing' tools. Hopefully down the road.


          Having said that, you have to put into persective how Edge Animate operates - it uses html and DOM objects/elements (p, div, img, h1 etc) as its 'artwork'. Complex art objects will have to be imported as an asset and transitioned from within EA.