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    Creating dynamic rating scale forms.


      Hi everyone!


      I was wondering if is possible to create dynamic rating scale forms.


      For example:


      I have a multiple choice field.







      After this field I have a rating scale form.

      I'd like to create this rating scale only with the previous selected options in the multiple choice field.

      For example if I select only Red and Green, the rating scale form will have only two questions (Red and Green) and not the other choices.

      If I select Red, Green ane Blue the rating scale form will have three questions (Red, Green and Blue) and not the other choices.

      Is this possible?

      I have a Basic account if it could change something.


      Thank you for the attention, have a nice day!





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          Lucia Lao Employee Moderator


          Dynamic rating scale fields as you described is not something we currently support but you can add or vote on feature ideas:




          If you need to add a new idea click "Create an idea" under "Actions" in the top right.



          As a workaround you could manually create multiple rating scale fields associated with your specific choices and use skip logic rules to show the corresponding rating scale field. For example, a rating scale field associated with choiceA, another one associated with choiceB ..etc.





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            AndreaM7890 Level 1

            Thank you very much for the reply.


            I've just tought about it but I don't know if it is possible in my case.


            I have six choices in the multiple choice field.


            After that I need five rating scale fields related with the options.

            As a workaround I also think about creating new pages, each one with possible selections ( 36 pages with five rating scale forms in one,  in my case ) but seem that it isn't possible because you could not add logic rules like "and" in the conditions.


            There's no way to do this, right?

            Again thank you for the reply and the amazing job you do everyday!

            With a little more functions FormsCentral could become the point of reference in Surveys creation!

            Have a nice day,