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    Video quality when sharing to DVD

    SAngeli Level 1


      when creating a new video in Premiere EL 11, with specs like this "PAL AVCHD Full HD 1080i 25 (16:9) for video recorded in FullHD 16:9 PAL to burned into a DVD-R 4.7GB" how to know if the DVD will be created in HD or Full HD?

      According to what I read a DVD should only reach HD 1280x720 when instead if I wish to burn a project in FullHD I should opt for AVCHD.


      Also, it can happen that I have a very short presentation, let's say 20 minutes in FullHD and should be able to fit it into a DVD-R 4.7GB. But with Premiere EL 11 when selecting DVD where to share to will it still burn it with HD resolution or will it raise the quality to FullHD?


      Can someone please clear this up for me as I have confusion. I read some articles from Adobe but was unable to properly understand.

      thank you,