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    Script error encountered during Flash Player installation.

    mgrhoades Level 1

      I am using Windows XP with Flash Player 11.  Upon downloading the latest update, I encountered a script error at the point of retrieving the installation. 

           Line:       2

           Char:     15965

           Error:     Object Expected

           Code:     0



      I tried to keep running scripts to continue the retrieval, but the process did not continue.  I tried to save the file to the computer and running it from there.  Same result.  Unfortunately I next tried to uninstall the current version, reboot, and try to install the updated version.  Same result.  I had no Flash Player and couldn't install it.


      I finally found a phone number for an Adobe technician, but it is unavailable now.


      I tried again to get error message again and list the details above.  I got the block that asked for update options.  I said update automatically.  Then I got a different script error on line 2.  When I said to continue running scripts this time, it wouldn't continue.  When I tried to stop the installation, it went to another page that looked like it might ask why I stopped the installation, but then a screen popped up saying the installation was successful.  Go figure.


      I guess this adventure is over for now.  Until I get a notice I need the same update again like a previous participant.


      I checked the Control Panel under add/remove programs to be sure Flash Player is listed.  It is.