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    Images broken in design view on new computer paths leading to old harddrive?


      I recently got a new imac and installed cs5 dreamweaver ( I was using dreamweaver 8 but it no longer works in mountain lion) . I redfined the site all was fine then I must have done something and now suddenly all my images are broken in design view and in brower and live view! The site shows the images online from the server but everything is broken in design view. The directory is a mess as I used way too may subfolders when I first did the site but it's too large to start over. I tried deleting the site from my harddrive all together and creating a new folder for it and just getting the entire site from the server but the images still don't show. I don't want to have to go to every page on the site and fix broken links! I can pull an image into a page by browsing to the folder on my harddrive but they are not appearing anymore on their own. If the images were uploaded originally from another computer and the folder being used now for the site on my harddrive is different that won't break the image paths will it? It all worked fine until a few days ago. What I don't understand is I thought the images wouldn't show if they were only on the server and not on my harddrive but since I just GOT the site from the server, all the images ARE now on my harddrive in the new folder so why still nothing showing? I I tried right clicking the broken images and showing design notes they seem to be lookin for a path to my old computer where the harddrive was named differently than it is now. Is there ANY way to fix this? What about renaming my harddrive to the old name?


      Greatful for any advice but I am very much a newbie so not sure I will be able to do what I need to.


      Mary Ann