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    Level out Audio clips to -6db without going into SoundBooth.

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      I'm trying to level out Audio in my Premiere Pro CS 5.5 timeline.


      Here's what I've done so far, and it sounds OK.


      I laid my 12 minute on a timeline. I then went into Soundbooth from Premiere Pro. I wemt to Process ------ Hard Limit.

      It brought up the levels a lttle bit.

      I saved it, wemt back in Premiere Pro and clicked on my AudioTrack, I went to Audio Effects and raised the volume to 6 DB. It was still a little low so I added another volume effect from the Audio Effects folder onto the Audio Clip in the timeline. I then raised that up to 6DB as well. Now it sounds good.



      The first time I did this I put the clip on the timeline, went into SoundBooth and put a Process ------ "Equalize Volume" on the clip.


      I went back into Premiere and when I played it back, the levels were perfect, but the audio would go up and down when someone was not speaking. It was annoying.


      So that's why I did the "Hard Limit" I described above.


      Now my question:


      Is there a way to level out all of my Audio to -6 without going into SoundBooth? I would like to do it only in Premiere if possible.


      If not, How can I get the best possible sound that is level and does not go up and down when someone is not speaking?


      Thanks in advance.


      Premiere Pro CS 5.5

      Soundbooth 5

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          shooternz Level 6

          Apply an effect in the MIxer ton the tracack that you want to contyrol.


          You have t olook a little for the Effects Twirl down Triangle thingy.  Adobe HIde this stuff a bit. ( Check the Manual).


          Next . It s perfectly normal to "ride" the levels of any  audio.  ( Music,FX and Voice). Do it in the MIxer.THe MIxer in PPRO is morte powerful than many realise


          .BTW - Sound Booth is a dog - compared to Audition or ProTools or even Premiere (for most people)