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    Synchronize Folder problem - LR finds missing photos that aren't missing

    AndreMalenfant Level 1

      A bit of background:


      I decided to dive in and clean up a big 40K catalog I have. This involved:


      Moving images around

      Creating new folders

      Renaming existing folders

      Renaming all photos


      All of this was done within LR to avoid problems. But now, everything is working fine, LR does not complain that there are missing photos EXCEPT when I try to synchronize a folder.


      The strange this is there is no question mark on the images and when I use the Find Missing Photos, LR tells me that there are no missing photos.


      But when I try to synchronize a folder (any), it finds all the images as new images and suggests to remove the missing photos (both matching the exact number of images). Obviously I don't want to do that and loose my edits...


      I found some information here, it seems to be an old bug but no solutions work for me... I really don't want to go back and redo all this work. Is there a magic trick?