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    Installation of Flash Player Unsuccessful

    Bill de Groh

      I am running IE 9.0.8112.16421. I tried downloading Adobe Flash Player 11.7.700.169. During download it asks if I want to run or save install_flashplayer11x32ax_gtbp_chra_aih.exe (989 KB) from aihdownload.adobe.com? I click RUN. After a time the installer stops and asks that I close IE. After closing IE I click RETRY to complete the download. I uncheck run Google Toolbar then click FINISH. A picture of a bicyclist appears with the banner "Flash Player Installation Successful". If I click the picture I'm asked Do you want to run or save PSE11.exe (1.00 GB) from platformdl.adobe.com? When I click RUN it takes about 20 minutes and returns a blank white screen. If I then attempt to open something requireing Flash I'm told I have to download Flash. When I check to see if Flash is installed on the computer - it is not. I've tried this multiple times and don't know why it doesn't work. Help.