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    major quality loss with cr2 conversion


      Hi,  I'm fairly new to photoshop and raw images; and unfortunately I can't get past this major stumbling block...


      If I open certain cr2's in adobe camera raw (to get them into photoshop), then they look horrible - they seem to have lost color depth. Some cr2's seem OK.

      Actually I've just done some more experimenting and it seems my problem isn't just adobe camera raw... if i view cr2 in irfanview they look fine, and if i save a jpeg/tiff/png,

      then view again with irfanview they look good, but the jpeg/tiff/png viewed in windows photo-gallery, or picasa-viewer, or photoshop look horrible; and if I open cr2 in photoshop and save as jpeg it also looks horrible.


      Here is an image... it looks fine/good when viewed with irfanview - looks just like the original cr2;




      C:\bin>"exiftool(-k).exe" -a pic1.PNG

      ExifTool Version Number         : 9.27

      File Name                       : pic1.PNG

      Directory                       : .

      File Size                       : 525 kB

      File Modification Date/Time     : 2013:04:21 19:54:04+10:00

      File Access Date/Time           : 2013:04:21 20:28:12+10:00

      File Creation Date/Time         : 2013:04:21 20:28:12+10:00

      File Permissions                : rw-rw-rw-

      File Type                       : PNG

      MIME Type                       : image/png

      Image Width                     : 538

      Image Height                    : 427

      Bit Depth                       : 8

      Color Type                      : RGB with Alpha

      Compression                     : Deflate/Inflate

      Filter                          : Adaptive

      Interlace                       : Noninterlaced

      SRGB Rendering                  : Perceptual

      Gamma                           : 2.2

      Pixels Per Unit X               : 3779

      Pixels Per Unit Y               : 3779

      Pixel Units                     : Meters

      Image Size                      : 538x427



      but when opened/viewed in other tools (e.g. photo gallery, or photoshop) it looks bad - the fringes of the hair and eyebrows are orange and there's a lot of dithering.

      This 'bad' image is what i get if i use adobe-camera-raw and save from photoshop.

      here's the bad image: I got this by doing a screenshot of the png I opened in photoshop:





      I know this sounds weird... I get very different image depending on which tool I open it with. The two images above are the same image... one rendered (correctly) with irfanview; and the other rendered apparently incorrectly with photoshop/adobe-camera-raw/picasa/photo-gallery.


      any ideas?