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    Issues with D7100 and Camera Raw


      I cannot open any .nef files saved to my HDD taken with the D7100, this happens with CS6, LR 4.4 and LR 5 beta.  However, if I have the card attached to the PC I can import them into both versions of LR and then can edit them in CS6 going from LR.  I have tried uninstalling and re-installing both CS6 and LR 4.4 but no difference.  I am using Windows 7 Ultimate.  Any suggestions?

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          Yammer Level 4

          How are you importing the raw images onto the computer? Are you using Adobe Photodownloader, or Nikon Transfer? Older versions of Nikon Transfer give problems with newer cameras.


          Are you definitely using the latest version of Camera Raw for CS6? It should be version 7.4 to read D7100 files. Check the version in Photoshop ( Help > About Plug-ins).

          To update to 7.4, use Adobe Photoshop/Bridge Help menu Updates option.

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            Equinediver25 Level 1

            Ooops hit wrong button   Anyways Nikon Transfer was the culprit, had version 1.53 now everything is working as planned.  Many thanks for pointing me in the right direction, had a feeling it was a simple fix when it could read the images directly off the card.